Edinburgh International Book Festival

I recently got invited to the Edinburgh International Book Festival to do a drawing workshop and two readings of Baxter's Book. Not having done any events before I obviously jumped at the chance and after much preparation I can luckily say that it all went according to plan.

Here are a few images from the Big Draw Event.

Preparing the stage backdrop before the kids arrive.

There were lots of enthusiastic kids and we had a great time dressing the characters up in various costumes.

'Are you sitting comfortably' reading of Baxter's Book, followed by a flip chart drawing session.

At my 'Baxter's Starring role' event, this brilliant little boy (called Joseph) turned up with his parents. He was so enthusiastic about Baxter and made the whole event so lively with his all his funny suggestions. I drew a wolf with a green tongue and a TV on his nose, and a sad lion suffering from a snail allergy! Joseph was the perfect audience and I'm so thankful to him!

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